With just over 2 weeks left here in this beautiful city, I wanted to share some things that I already know I am going to miss when I return to the U.S. and some things that I know I won’t…

Things that I will miss:

  1. My host mom- Number one on my list because María Ángeles is the number one person I will miss when I leave Sevilla! She is so caring and kind, and just an adorable human being. I am eternally grateful for her kindness and hospitality during my time here in Sevilla. The first month or so I was here our meals were not very conversational- we talked about what happened during the day but that’s really it. Now, however, almost every night everyone is sharing laughs about a story of something stupid I did or having a conversation about the world news. I also am really gonna miss her cute little smile that she flashes even when she doesn’t say anything at all :’)
  2. The food- It is so good! When I first arrived, I was expecting to feel sick of the food after the first few weeks, but that is 100% not true. The flavors are really not crazy and I really appreciate having home cooked meals every day. Luckily, my host mom has taught us a few recipes that I can bring back to the U.S. and attempt (key word is attempt) to make at home.
  3. The ability to travel not only the Sevilla and Spain, but also how easy it is to travel Europe! How many people can say they can pay less than $100 and be in another country experiencing a completely different culture? I feel so extremely grateful to have these opportunities. Being able to travel to different areas of Spain allows you to realize which aspects of Spanish culture are truly Spanish and which aspects are regional (the Andalucian accent or Spanish architecture, for example). Also, I love living in Sevilla because just when you think you’ve seen it all, you come across a cute new coffee shop or a historical building that you’ve never seen!


    Hopped on a quick bus and a boat and ended up in another continent…like how cool

  4. My friends- I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met new friends during my time here and I am going to miss them so much when I leave! I have met people from all over the country… and the world! This is something new and cool to me because even though I met a lot of new friends when I first went to college, most of them are from the East Coast or NY like me and share similar experiences. Also how cool is it to be able to travel the world with your new best friends?


    My friends and I in Lisbon this past weekend!

  5. The beauty and history of everything around me – Yes, the United States has beautiful sites and cool historical things, but the United States of America has been its own country for less than 300 years. Spain has so much history as a whole and Sevilla in particular does as well. For example, the University of Sevilla is older than the U.S. The Torre de Oro (“Gold Tower”) next to the river that I pass every day on my way to school served as a defensive tower during the Muslim reign in the 10th century. The beautiful Gothic-style cathedral in the center of the city houses Christopher Columbus’s remains (kinda gross, I know, but still really cool). These old, historical masterpieces throughout the entire city of Sevilla and country of Spain help give it its rich culture and provide it with eternal beauty. Definitely something I will miss when I leave.


    Decided to turn down a different street one day and ended up in this little plaza, perfectly demonstrating Sevilla’s beauty and charm

  6. Walking everywhere- By walking 30 minutes, I can get pretty much anywhere in the city. My own two feet are my preferred method of transportation because I am able to stop and see things along the way, it is reliable, and also I know I am getting exercise even if I only leave the house once that day.
  7. Speaking Spanish-  I am so happy to have the opportunity to speak and practice my Spanish with native speakers. I really feel like I have improved, and even if I haven’t, I at least have gotten more comfortable speaking with natives. I am going to miss speaking Spanish once I go home especially because I will not be taking any Spanish classes at my college in the spring semester. Also, there are some small little phrases that I almost always say in Spanish, even when speaking in English on the phone with my mom, for example, that I want people to understand, but they will not once I go home.
  8. Siesta- 3 hours of the day dedicated to resting… what’s not to miss about that…?

Some things I will not miss:

  1. Walking everywhere- As much as I love the ability to be able to go anywhere in Sevilla within a 30 minute walk, it can be really inconvenient. I love the neighborhood I live in (los Remedios), but most of the shopping and stuff like that is all in the city center, you guessed it, 30 minutes away. Our school? 20-25 minutes depending on how fast I’m walking, which is a nice way to wake up in the morning, but almost 2 hours of my day is spent walking back and forth to school. I will enjoy driving when I go back home.
  2. A lack of respect from other citizens- I mean this in a couple different ways (I couldn’t quite think of how to phrase it lol). One way is being so obviously American and being judged for it. I sometimes don’t even open my mouth and the waiter at the restaurant starts speaking to me in English. (At first I thought this was so weird, but I too now can spot the Americans walking down the road… still annoying nonetheless) Another way I mean this is when I am walking down the street behind someone (or a group of people) who is walking slow, they see me walking like 6 inches behind them, and still don’t move over to let me pass. Similarly, when I am walking head on towards a person and one of us has to move…. it is always me! I mean like if I don’t move they will walk right into me and not apologize. Okay and lastly the drivers… the streets in Seville are pretty narrow but most drivers don’t care and will find a way to fit down there anyway, which often means almost hitting pedestrians by shoving them to the very side of the street. And don’t even get me started on the motorcycle drivers, they don’t look going around the corner, so you have to be EXTRA careful crossing the street. These are all very stupid and minor problems, but to me are very annoying.
  3. Siesta – Yes, I do love siesta, but it can be very inconvenient when all the stores close for 3 hours each day and on Sundays. The middle of the afternoon and Sundays are often times when I am looking for something to do, but unfortunately that can’t be shopping because the stores are closed!

As you can see, the pros of living in Sevilla highly outweigh the cons and there are many more things I will miss when I leave. I know that the minute I leave I am going to start planning and saving every penny so I can visit this beautiful city again. I already miss Sevilla and I haven’t even left yet!

Fall Break!!!

Oh boy where do I even begin… Last weekend was super fun: I left Spain- twice! Our school had their fall break, or puente if you will (puente= bridge, but also = long weekend), so naturally I had to use these five days to travel.

We arrived in London last Thursday, where we immediately had to figure out the public transportation system because most of the airports in “London” are an hour away from the actual city. But it wasn’t too difficult to figure out because for the first time since I’ve been studying abroad, everything was in English! Upon arrival to the actual city of London, we checked into our hostel, and grabbed a bite to eat at the pub which was conveniently located downstairs. Of course, fish and chips was with a beer was our first meal of choice. That night, we decided just to walk around and explore a little bit (in the dark because the sun sets at like 4:30 there).


The Big Ben was under construction of course 

The next day, Friday, we were on full power mode to make the most out of our first and only full day in London. We had bought tickets for a hop on-hop off bus tour in advance and woke up early to get an early start, but ended up waiting in the “que” for over 30 minutes to actually redeem our bus tickets. But it was worth it because we were able to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time on the bus. We got off twice, once at the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge (this is the bridge that everyone thinks is the London Bridge- the actual London Bridge is quite anticlimactic) as well as the Buckingham Palace (unfortunately, no, I did not see the Queen). After all of this, we took a ride on the London Eye during sunset! The ride didn’t last quite as long as expected, but it was a really cool and really beautiful way to see the city. After the London eye, we decided to check out Kensington Palace so we could maybe grab tea with William and Kate. However, at this point, the sun has already set, as we have seen on the ferris wheel and it is now very dark outside (still only like 5 pm though). Google Maps took us through Hyde Park, which is supposedly very pretty during the day, but it was very scary and not at all lit up during the evening. We thought it would be fine once we reached the palace, but turns out they live like a normal family and don’t have lights surrounding their home. So I’m still not entirely sure what Kensington Palace looks like and I guess I’ll need a rain check my tea date with William and Kate.


Are we royals yet?

The next morning we woke up early again but this time because we needed to catch a train to Amsterdam! My friends and I were spread out throughout the train, but I met a couple cool people sitting next to me. The first was from Galicia in northern Spain, so my “English-only weekend” stopped there as he understood Spanish better than English. He got off in Brussels, Belgium so the second woman was an archaeologist from Cambridge, who was meeting some friends in Rotterdam whom she worked with in Sicily a couple summers ago (qué guay!). Once we got to Amsterdam we met up with a couple more friends and checked into our hostel and began our adventure with a trip to the Van Gogh Museum! It was really cool to see such famous paintings (+ more!) up close and personal. We also met up with a friend who is studying in Amsterdam (hey Haley!) who showed us an awesome pancake place for dinner!

The next day (Sunday) we were planning on going to a market for breakfast, but when we arrived the market turned out to be closed. As we were standing on the sidewalk looking for somewhere else to eat, a cute Dutch girl on her pink bike approached us asking if we were looking for breakfast. When we said yes, she told us that she was on her way to work at a yummy breakfast place, and that she could save us a table because it was kind of small! So we decided to follow her and it was definitely worth it! This girl also just demonstrates the epitome of how nice Dutch people are. After breakfast we went to the Rijksmuseum, which is HUGE. In front of this museum is the famous “I Amsterdam” sign, so of course we had to take pictures in front of and on top of this sign. We continued our day at the “Bloemenmarkt” which is famous for its tulips. If I wasn’t flying on a plane back to Spain and then back to the U.S. I totally would have bought a million tulips. We ended our day with a canal tour at night, which was a cool and different way to see more of the city. Some fun facts: Amsterdam has 1,639 canals and also has more bikes than people (they have parking lots for just bikes).


In front of the I Amsterdam sign! (I was too scared to climb on top oops)

Our day Monday started with the fire alarm going off at the hostel (everything was fine I think someone just hit the button in the elevator by accident) and then a test of the city’s emergency alarms at noon (that one was actually frightening). We made it to the Anne Frank house though, which was one of my favorite aspects of the trip. It was amazing to actually be in her home and the secret annex and it is crazy to think that if Anne’s father, Otto, hadn’t survived, we would never know their story or have Anne’s diary, which is what happened with the thousands of other families who unjustly were killed during this terrible point in history.


Amsterdam in a pic: stroopwaffle in front of a Van Gogh painting 

We arrived back in Sevilla Monday night, exhausted, but very happy. Fall Break was 100% a success and I am still in awe that I have the opportunity to hop on a plane and be in another country and experience another culture in just a couple of hours.

Overall, I liked each city for different reasons. I definitely need to go back to both, because 1.5 days in each is certainly not enough. I liked London a lot more than I was expecting too (possibly even more than Amsterdam), and Amsterdam was much bigger than I was expecting! Both cities were very clean and transportation was easy to use, even without having service. However, both were very expensive and Dutch is more difficult to understand than it appears!

As much as I enjoyed my time exploring more of Europe, I am still extremely happy with my decision to study in Sevilla 🙂


Hola it’s me again! Sorry I haven’t been very active this month, I have really just been getting into a routine, so the noteworthy events have been more spread out! So my time here in Spain is half done… the calendar is definitely wrong though because I definitely just got here last week.

But let’s see… classes are going well, I feel like I don’t even have classes half the time because I am taking 2 three-credit classes, 2 one-credit classes (one of which is once a week), and my three-credit PT internship. I also don’t have classes on Fridays, so weekends are long and this gives me another excuse to feel like I am never in class! Midterms started last week- I had one in my medical Spanish class which I think went pretty well and this weekend I have been studying for my art history exam that I will have on Wednesday. My dance class is going well too, the second part is still difficult for me but oh well :/ I went to an authentic flamenco show the other night and I do not know how those people move their legs so fast. I also am very grateful that we are learning the sevillano in my dance class, which is a much easier variation of the flamenco.


Flamenco show!

My friends and I have started what seems to be a new Thursday night tradition of going out to eat (which has been pizza a couple times) then having a chill night watching movies! The festival de las naciones has been going on here in Sevilla for the past month now and last night we went for the second time! I went a few weeks ago when a friend of mine from Ithaca who graduated and is now teaching English in Madrid came to Sevilla for the weekend. There is soooo much yummy food there from so many different countries of the world. There’s Spanish food of course, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, Belgium, Mexico, the United States, Germany, France, Australia… you name it, it’s probably there. (Fun fact: the flag at the U.S. booth is completely wrong and 100% not the American flag). The first time I tried crocodile and zebra from the South Africa booth! My morals are slightly in question especially after eating the zebra, but I figured it was one of those things I can say I tried once and I never have to eat again. In case you’re wondering, the zebra tasted like beef and the crocodile tasted like chicken. Interesting. I also had some fried plantains from Puerto Rico (nothing new, I know I love those) and then last night when I went back we got bubble waffles from the Belgium booth topped with fruit and chocolate! Continuing on the subject of food, I still love all the food here and will definitely be sad to leave it in a month.


Me with the bubble waffle at the Festival of the Nations!

Also a couple weeks ago, there was a coronation ceremony for la Virgen de la Victoria. I still don’t 100% understand what exactly that means, but a lot of streets in the neighborhood of Los Remedios where I live are names after virgins (I live on Virgen de Lujan, for example), and there is a church on la calle de virgen de la victoria where this Victoria was being brought to. They began at the cathedral in the center of the city where she was coronated (she is a figure by the way, not a real person) and spent the majority of the day in a procession bringing her to her church in Los Remedios.


Procession for the coronation of la virgen de la Victoria 


Some other fun things that I’ve done in the past few weeks were that we went to a bar and watched the big soccer game between Spain and England. There were a bunch of (very drunk) British people that came to Sevilla for the weekend whom we had the pleasure of witnessing all around Sevilla- in the streets, bars, restaurants, etc. Spain lost by one point, but it was a fun thing to experience. We will be going to a Sevilla soccer game in a couple weeks so that will be fun! Last weekend I went on a school trip to Aracena which is a rural town about an hour away where we got to see Las grutas de las maravillas which is a really cool cave that exists in the center of their city. There was also a festival of jamón (ham) going on in Aracena that weekend. Aracena apparently has the best ham in the entire world, so I tried some chorizo which was definitely the best chorizo I’ve ever had.


Las grutas de las maravillas en Aracena 

Last weekend and the beginning of this week I had the stomach bug, which was not ideal, but I have made it out alive. Next weekend is fall break, so I am going to London for 2 days and Amsterdam for 3 days, so I can’t wait to share about my adventures there as well!

Another piece of good news: it is finally not 80 degrees here every day!!! And it has actually been raining quite a bit here! I think I underestimated the amount of warm clothes I would need here, but I also have to realize the “cold” here is like double the temperature it will be when I get back to the U.S. in December.

Well that’s all, hasta luego!

Exploring outside of Andalucia

Happy October! Normally October is one of my favorite months of the year, but it kinda just feels like an extension of the summer months over here in Spain. Speaking of the weather, the nights have been much more comfortable (fresquito) as they say, as well as the mornings, but this makes it challenging in terms of clothing because the middle of the day still reaches like 90 degrees. Ugh. But anyway, the first big news is Barcelona two weekends ago! It was SO beautiful and fun. I was excited to go there, but I guess I wasn’t expecting how much I would like it. However, I was ready to leave after three days because it is just so touristy. And big. I did appreciate the metro system and our own personal tour guide (shoutout to Sara Mester if you read this girl) though. The city is huge (6x the size of Sevilla) but it’s awesome because you have the beach, the city, and the outskirts (more quiet) all in one place.


Real life Cheetah Girls at Park Guell!


Amazing view from the top of The Bunkers in Barcelona!

Nothing too exciting happened last week, I’ve definitely been getting more into a routine here which is nice, although I still feel like I’m learning how to manage my time because everything I have to do is spread out differently than what I’m used to throughout the day.

My classes are going well, the workload is much less than what I’m used to as well, but I’m able to go to the gym and go to my PT internship as well. And I know the big question is: how is your dance class, Anna? And the answer to that is: very fun and it’s going surprisingly well! I certainly am getting better poco a poco but the fact that I’m getting better is all that matters.

Last Friday my friends and I enjoyed our first full day off without class or a field trip or anything by sleeping in and going to the Plaza de España and going in the gondolas (which are much more difficult than they look, might I add). I also finally met my intercambio (speaking partner) that day, which made me feel very good about my Spanish-speaking capabilities as we spent an hour speaking only in Spanish.

Saturday and Sunday we went on an overnight school trip to the autonomous region of Extremadura, which is about a three hour bus ride to the north west of us. (Very close to Portugal!) We first went to the city of Mérida (the capital of Extremadura) where we saw an old Roman amphitheater and theater. We also went to a museum that houses lots of ancient Roman artifacts as well. This wasn’t my favorite one of the cities we visited, but it was cool because we are learning about the Romans in my art history class right now. Then also on Saturday we drove to the city of Cáceres which is where our hotel was (the hotel was very nice as well!). We had a tour of the town and palace-type place very rich in history as well. The next day we drove to a third city in Extremadura called Trujillo, which was my personal favorite of the three cities we visited. We learned about the explorer named Pizarro and saw his house, and then got to visit a castle! The castle was super cool and another fun thing was buying cookies from nuns at a convent! You ring a bell, tell them what you want, and give them your money, then they spin the dulces around on a turning window, all without seeing them. They were really delicious cookies.


My friends and I on top of the castle in Trujillo!



Ancient Roman theater in Mérida

And the beginning of this week has also been quite calm! We have a French woman (she speaks fluent Spanish as well) staying at our home for a month, so this has been a fun addition, especially getting a sneak peak into French culture.

Well that’s all for now! Happy October!

¿Más pan?

Wow what a week! I guess I will begin chronologically so last week I joined the local gym and went two days in a row but then I was too sore for like five days straight and haven’t been back since oops. Next week I will get back on that #grind though. Last Friday night we went on a boat tour of the Guadalquivir River here in Sevilla which included two of my favorite things: boats and sunsets. Then my friends and I went out to dinner and then later met up with some of our Spanish friends (mostly the speaking partners of a couple friends and their friends) (wow I just said friends a lot in one sentence).



Boat tour on the Guadalquivir River

But anyways, the next morning we had a school trip to Córdoba which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Córdoba’s main attraction is the Mezquita-Catedral (Mosque-Cathedral) in the center of the city, which yes, is both a mosque and a cathedral. We then saw the alcázar (palace) of Córdoba which included lots of beautiful gardens and rich Muslim culture. Still in Córdoba we walked around the old Jewish neighborhood which is famous for its beautiful white houses and buildings and lots of flowers.


Calle de las flores en Córdoba

Sunday was a day full of food. We started off the day with churros for breakfast. And a lot of them. Like seriously like fifteen and I think there were two left by the time we were done. We bought them at the chocolatería that is always tempting us from across the street and returned home to eat them with the chocolate that our Spanish mom made. We then took a few minutes to digest all of the churros we just ate and then we began our “cooking lessons” with our Spanish mom! We made gazpacho, tortilla española, and a pudding-type dessert. All of these foods are so easy to make which is great for a person like me who knows nothing about cooking.


Churros for breakfast! (look at all that CHOCOLATE!!!)

My new classes started on Monday and I am enjoying the first few days of them! The class I have Mon-Thurs for an hour is Spanish for the Health Professions, which is great! I am also taking a dance class (learning how to dance the Sevillano which is a variation of flamenco) which is very interesting considering I have never danced in my life. I am also in an art history class and a Spanish speaking class. Besides these classes, I am also doing an internship/service learning at a physical therapy/athletic training clinic. I’ve liked my first couple days, but I’ve mostly worked with the trainers so I am looking forward to learning more from the PT.

Tomorrow my friends and I are leaving bright and early (4 am) to catch a flight to Barcelona for the weekend, so more to come on that!

So hasta luego!!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My friends and I on top of Las Setas!

PS: the title of this post is in reference to what every single one of our host moms asks at every meal, no matter how much we have already eaten. (More bread?)

It rains in Sevilla?!?!

Hola! I can’t believe that I have been in Spain for almost three weeks. My intensive period classes end tomorrow and finals for those two classes are on Friday. Like what?!?! These last couple weeks haven’t been quite as eventful as the first week, but exciting nonetheless.

My friends and I have been spending a lot of time at the local McDonalds (yes I know, but it’s the closest place with free, functioning Wi-Fi) to plan trips for long weekends and fall break. So far we have Barcelona booked for next weekend (get ready for lots of Cheetah Girls references), London and Amsterdam for fall break (first week in November), and a Sevilla fc soccer game for November. Booking trips can be very stressful, especially for someone like me who is indecisive and wants to go everywhere!

Some cool things I have done in these past couple weeks are go to the Real Alcázar, which is a royal palace in central Sevilla, which contains a beautiful mix of Christian and Muslim architecture. A couple of my friends and I also came across an architectural structure in Sevilla’s center known as Las Setas, or its official name is Metropol Parasol. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this structure is but it looks pretty stinkin cool. This past Saturday we had a school trip to the city of Cádiz, which is about an hour and a half from Sevilla. The trip was with our speaking partners (mine couldn’t go, but I hung out with my friends and their speaking partners) where the Spaniards led us in a scavenger hunt around the city. My group won (woohoo!) and we won 40 euro for tapas. Winning was fun, but it was difficult to soak in my surroundings because we were rushing through the city to find the answers to the questions, so I felt like I didn’t truly see everything! Then on Tuesday (yesterday) morning we had a school field trip to the Cathedral. That place is so beautiful. I mean it’s beautiful from the outside, but I was not expecting how big and magnificent it is on the inside. We ended the tour of the cathedral by climbing up to the top of La Giralda which is the tower next to the cathedral. It was 36 flights, but luckily we got to walk up ramps instead of stairs. The view was totally worth it. I finished off my day yesterday with a trip to El Museo de las Bellas Artes which is a museum featuring massive artwork, a lot of which was from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.


One of the plazas in el Real Alcázar

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Bathing pool in Real Alcázar


Las Setas


View from the top of La Giralda!


View from Cádiz

Some other random things… it rained here for the first time since I’ve been here on Friday night and then again on Saturday night! My friends and I were at a restaurant eating tapas when the sky started getting darker and darker and it eventually started pouring. We were in the city’s center which is about 30 minutes walking from where I live (and we walk everywhere) so we had to get a taxi to bring us home. Also, I still am trying to understand the hours of stores and restaurants because we tried going to three different places (at 7 pm) all of which were closed before deciding on the one we went to! Grace and I are conversing more with our host mom during dinner (or maybe she’s conversing more with us idk) and I am still very happy living with her. She wants to start teaching us how to cook, and I can’t wait for that! But we did help to make some hamburguesas on Sunday night which was a nice little bit of home for a change.

Well, hasta luego! Can’t wait to keep sharing my adventures!

La primera semana!

Okay… I’ve only been in Sevilla for 6 days and I already have so much to say… what an adventure this first week has been! So we got here on Monday, after our adventure began with missing our flight from Madrid to Seville. We only had about 30 minutes between flights to begin with, but then they changed the gate of our flight, so we were in the wrong building and by the time we got to the right place, the plane had already left #startingoffstrong. Luckily, Emily and I met another girl in the program who also missed her flight and we were then able to fly to Seville with more girls in the program later as well! Once we got here, we settled into our room and headed to our first orientation. After orientation, I slept like a baby.

Tuesday was our first full day here and we had a second orientation as well as a walking tour of the surrounding area near our school. The walk to school is beautiful- we have to cross over the river and pass by all of the pretty houses and shops. My roommate Grace and I live in the neighborhood called Los Remedios which is about a 30 minute walk to the school. We do a lot of walking here- like 7-10 miles a day- which makes me not feel so bad about eating so much pan. 

Wednesday was our first day of classes- right now we are in the intensive period, so I am taking a 3 hour language class first, and then a 1 hour listening class after. After classes and after la siesta Emily and I decided to venture to La Plaza de España. And let me tell you. That place is beautiful. “Una joya” is how my señora described it. After visiting La Plaza de España, Emily and I had una merienda which for me is often a croissant. We then went on an optional field trip to El Barrio de la Santa Cruz (another neighborhood) which was also very beautiful. And yes, this day required a lot of walking. IMG_7274

Thursday we started the day with a mandatory trip to La Itálica which is ruins of an ancient Roman city which is located right outside of Sevilla. This was also very cool to see, and I have a lot of respect for the archeologists who devote their work to finding more artifacts of the city- que paciencia! We also met our host mom’s nietas (granddaughters) on Thursday y ellas son tan lindas! I think they are around ages 4 and 6. italica

Yesterday, Friday, we had class again, and I called my momma, and then later we went to a discoteca! It was very fun, we met some students from Holland that are studying here and speak English as well, and we also met a group of Spanish boys who spoke a lot of English and were very funny. The nightlife here in Spain is a lot different than in the U.S. and the nights are a lot longer, but I think it is more fun.

Today we went on an optional trip to La Playa de Punta Umbría which is a beautiful beach about an hour and a half south of Sevilla. We spent five and a half hours there, so now I am even more tired than before. I am very excited to sleep in tomorrow. playa.jpg

Shoutout to my friend Karlee who gave me a cute travel journal that I have been writing in! On one of the pages in this journal it said “Describe a smell, a sight and a taste that made an impression on you this week,” which I thought would be a good thing to share here. Las heladerías and las panaderías definitely smell soooo good everytime I pass by one. (These are ice cream shops and bread shops that sell lots of sweet smelling food) For the taste that has made an impression on me it’s hard to say because I have enjoyed all the food I have tried here so far. El gazpacho, las empanadas, y las croquetas are probably the foods that I tried for the first time that I really like a lot. But like I said, everything has been delicious. And for a sight that has made an impression on me, it is also difficult to choose because the entire city is so beautiful. And also there are SO MANY COLORS. This is definitely something that makes an impression on me. croquetas.jpg

In general though, I am having a wonderful time here and I can’t wait to see what these next three months bring. My friends are great, the language barrier that definitely exists is not, but that is why I am looking forward to improving my Spanish.

Pues, hasta luego!

One month!!!

Hola! My name is Anna Crowell and one month from today I am going to be boarding a plane headed to Spain for three and a half months to study abroad in Sevilla! I have never been on a plane, and my first flight is going to be across the ocean… I am definitely crazy. Crazy, nervous, but most of all excited are all emotions I am feeling knowing that I am leaving in one month. I am super excited to experience Seville and Spain and all they have to offer, and to be immersed in such a beautiful culture. I am excited to study Spanish, eat good food, meet new people (both locals and other exchange students), and of course to travel! Though I am excited I have a lot to prepare. I need to pack, I need to decide what to pack, how to pack, what I still need to buy, etc. I’m not worried though because I know in just a few short weeks it will all be okay and I will be getting accustomed to life in my new home. I also have to remind myself how extremely blessed I am to have this opportunity to study abroad and want to seize every moment of it. So, hasta luego!